NFL Weekly Ranking: The Steelers make a jump to the number one spot


Photo credit/ Jennifer Flynn

Staff Writer Patrick Lepre said an impressive win against the Ravens this week proved the Steelers are a team to watch.

Patrick Lepre, Staff Writer

The undefeated Steelers climb to the number one spot in this week’s rankings. Here are my newest top 10 teams:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-0)
Pittsburgh keeps finding ways to win. The Steelers beat the Ravens 28-24. All stats pointed to a Ravens win, but, like they have all year, the Steelers did not break and pulled through. The defense forced four turnovers which proved to be vital in the victory. Offensively the Steelers first half was the worst it had been all year, they turned it around in the second half. An unsung hero for the Steelers is Juju Smith-Schuster who seems to be the go-to receiver in clutch time. This week was proof again that the Steelers have the ability to match up against anyone.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (7-1)
The Chiefs won in a dominant fashion against the Jets 35-9. Realistically the Jets don’t stand a chance against anyone this season, but the Chiefs were flawless. The Chiefs’ offense seems to be unstoppable. Whether they have to run or pass against a defense it does not matter. Even when the Chiefs are struggling it does not phase this team because their offense is so powerful.

3. Seattle Seahawks (6-1)
This week saw a big division win for the Seahawks against 49ers 37-27. Russell Wilson bounced back from the loss against the Cardinals by tossing four touchdowns and no interceptions. Wilson and Metcalf are slowly becoming the league’s best QB and WR duo. Again, this defense scares me when they come across an above-average team. Even with the defensive struggles, Wilson has the ability to string many drives together to give the Seahawks a chance to win.

4. Baltimore Ravens (5-2)
The Ravens lost a game they should have won in week eight against the Steelers. The Ravens ran the ball all over the Steelers accumulating 265 rushing yards alone on offense. This was canceled out by Lamar Jackson’s poor decision making and ability to throw the ball. So far in his career whenever Jackson needs to throw the ball to win the game it does not end well. It is a cause of concern if this team wants to compete against good defenses. If Jackson can avoid turning the ball over, the defense can hold their own as they are one of the best in the league.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-2)
The Buccaneers survived a close one against the Giants 25-23. Somehow the Giants kept this a close game which may be something to pay attention to for the Buccaneers going forward. The Buccaneers also get Antonio Brown heading into week nine to add to an already stacked offense. If the chemistry keeps growing the Buccaneers will solidify themselves as a top contender.

6. Green Bay Packers (5-2)
The Packers suffered a defeat to the Vikings in week eight where the Vikings ran the ball down the Packers throat. It was like watching last year’s NFC championship against the 49ers. Vikings running back Dalvin Cook ran for 163 yards and had a total of four touchdowns. Another problem for the Packers that wasn’t really addressed in the off-season was on the defensive side of the ball. As time goes on the Jordan Love pick looks baffling when the Packers were a couple of pieces away from the Super Bowl last year.

7. New Orleans Saints (5-2)
The Saints win in overtime against a gritty Bears team 26-23. It seems the Saints badly need Michael Thomas on offense to be as explosive as they once were. If they could ever get him back in the lineup maybe their name can appear again in the Super Bowl.

8. Tennessee Titans (5-2)
The Titans after starting the season 5-0 have dropped their last two. This week they ran into a hot Joe Burrow who put 31 points up against them. The Titans’ defense seems to be the problem for the Titans this season. On the other hand, the offense has been great for most of the season but it just wasn’t enough against the Bengals.

9. Buffalo Bills (6-2)
The Bills beat the Patriots 24-21. With so many Patriots players out and the team struggling it is something to keep an eye on. In week seven the Bills had a hard time against the Jets as well. It seems the Bills are losing the steam they had to start the season but maybe they can get going in the weeks coming up.

10. Arizona Cardinals (5-2)
The Cardinals had a bye in week eight. They are coming off a huge win in week seven against the Seahawks. Kyler Murray is slowly, but surely making the Cardinals a team to talk about in the NFC. I think they are destined for a playoff spot.

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