NFL Weekly Ranking: The Steelers reclaim the top spot


Photo credit/ Jennifer Flynn

The Steelers’ continued their undefeated run this week.

Patrick Lepre, Assistant Sports Editor

The Steelers climbed to number one this week, but the Chiefs are still close behind. Here are my latest top 10 teams:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-0)
The Steelers still live on as undefeated after beating the Jaguars 27-3. The Steelers seemed to get the running game going again after being absent the past few weeks. The defense also forced four interceptions which were huge and ultimately won them the game. The Steelers are very close to locking up their division.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (9-1)
The Chiefs had a game-winning drive against the Raiders and won 35-31. The Chiefs’ defense is starting to get a bit shaky, but again their offense is above and beyond everyone else. They are destined to win their division and are now in the race for the first seed with the Steelers.

3. New Orleans Saints (8-2)
The Saints even without Drew Brees got a win this week against the Falcons 24-9. Taysom Hill looks good enough to get the job done for the next few weeks until Brees can come back. They still look like the most balanced team in the NFC and are holding onto the first seed in the NFC.

4. Los Angeles Rams (7-3)
The Rams are now beginning to catch momentum in the NFC after beating the Buccaneers 27-24. This effort was mostly led by their great defense who forced Tom Brady into two interceptions. The defense is capable of carrying the load for this team. But if Jared Goff and the offense can just elevate to an extra level they would be solidified as a top-three team in the NFC going forward.

5. Buffalo Bills (7-3)
The Bills had a bye in week 11. They still are atop their division and look like they will be the victors of the AFC East. The Bills are competing with the top teams in the league fairly well up to this point. However, they need to figure out their run game going forward to take the pressure off of Josh Allen.

6. Green Bay Packers (7-3)
It’s now becoming an evident problem that the Packers are struggling against good teams and it might be time to question them. The Packers lost to a solid Colts team in overtime. Aaron Rodgers and the offense don’t seem to be the full problem and it appears to fall on the defense. However, as I’ve mentioned in past weeks these problems were present last season and weren’t addressed. It’ll be something to look at going forward if they can overcome their faults.

7. Seattle Seahawks (7-3)
This was a huge bounce-back win for the Seahawks against the Cardinals 28-21. In a change of events, it was the defense who came up big for the Seahawks ultimately winning them the game. If the Seahawks can build momentum now going forward on defense it can be huge. Russell Wilson also didn’t do too much to put his team in danger which was the problem the past few weeks.

8. Las Vegas Raiders (6-4)
The Raiders are playing great football against great teams. This week they almost swept the Chiefs in the regular season. However, Mahomes did what he usually does and scored at will and ended the Raiders’ hopes of winning the division. Despite the loss, the Raiders seem to have the blueprint down to beat the defending champs. If the Raiders can hang on and make it into the playoffs they will be a problem for whoever they face.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-4)
Another prime time loss for the Buccaneers after falling to the Rams. Brady did not look good against a good defense. There is no reason with the weapons on this team that they should be losing when the lights are the brightest. The division is also slipping away from the Buccaneers who are likely going to have to settle for a wildcard game.

10. Indianapolis Colts (7-3)
It was a huge win for the Colts over the Packers in overtime 31-28. The Colts forced four turnovers against a great Packers offense and this defense is top three in the league. If Philip Rivers can not play as lackluster as he usually does this Colts team can make a run this season. They now have their eyes set on the division title if they can keep up the great play and beat the Titans in week 12.

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