Petting zoo held on the Art Field


Photo credit/ Amanda Duncklee

Amanda Duncklee, Community Editor

Things got hairy in the best way possible last Thursday.

Animals from Sleepy Hollow Zoo grazed on the Art Field from 1 to 5 p.m. while Marywood community members had the opportunity to interact with the creatures.

“All the pets, they’re so cute,” said Business Marketing Major Serena Woody as she pet a goat. “[The petting zoo] made my day happier … it’s nice to come pet them.”

Student Activities Crew (SAC) organized the event in conjunction with Sleepy Hollow Zoo.

Alaina Pell, an events coordinator at Sleepy Hollow Zoo for the past year and a half, was responsible for transporting the animals from the farm to campus.

Animals featured included an alpaca, a donkey, two sheep, three goats, two fan-tail doves, two Muscovy ducks, three Silkie chicken, one Frizzle chicken and two bunnies. Sell said those animals comprise a “standard petting zoo.”

Students and alumni alike attended the petting zoo. Class of 1994 Alumna Melanie Gladney attended with her daughter Tara after hearing of the event from a professor at Marywood.

“I heard about the event through Dr. Bittel [associate professor of English],” said Galdney. “I love [Marywood],” said Galdney. “I try to get back here as often as I can… this is new. When I was here, we never had a petting zoo.”

Tara expressed her joy over her newfound furry friends. “We love all petting zoos! If we could, we’d run through every shelter and adopt every pet we could,” she said. “Me and mom were excited. We were like, we get to pet them? Oh my gosh!”

Galdney also spoke highly of the petting zoo.

“More activities like this are enriching for the Marywood community,” she said. “Anything like this in the future- bring it on.”

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