SAC holds Ceramics & Mocktails Event



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Rachel Looker, Editor-in-Chief

As the semester is well underway, students took a night off from homework and studying to paint ceramic figures and enjoy a “mocktail” on Wednesday night in the Fireplace Lounge.

The Student Activity Crew (SAC) held the Ceramics & Mocktails event after plans to hold an event in the gym’s pool were canceled last-minute, said SAC Shadow and sophomore music education major Sarah Heyne.

“First we were planning on having a water bingo at the pool in the gym, but it didn’t really work out, so we were quickly thinking of other ideas,” said Heyne.

Samantha Adams, SAC intern and a junior biology and pre-med major, planned the event with SAC Shadows Heyne and Ryan Sortino, a senior athletic training major.

The idea for the event came from a previous night called “Mocktails and Monet” that was held two years ago and was very successful, according to Adams.

“I think it’s just a great event,” said Adams. “Everyone can do it. Everyone can paint something, no matter if you’re athletic or academic.”

According to Sortino, the event was a hit.

“A lot of people showed up before the event was even supposed to start,” said Sortino. “It was very successful.”

The event was so popular, SAC members had to improvise by providing mason jars and small buckets after they handed out all of the ceramic figures for attendees to paint, said Sortino.

As attendees painted and drank “mocktails,” they were able to socialize and meet new people.

“I’m seeing some of my friends are here and they are talking to people I’ve never really seen them talk to,” said Heyne. “I think that a lot of people are just sitting at random tables and actually getting to know each other. It’s a great way to start the year and bring people together.”

Freshman Nutrition Major Katie Bennett enjoyed the event and plans to attend SAC events in the future.

“I love art. I love painting,” she said. “I just met two new people at my table.”

Attendee Sarah Wagner, a junior theater major, said she enjoyed the night painting a Chinese Dragon ceramic figure.

“I just wanted to have some fun, talk with my friends, spend time with them, and I thought it would be cool to paint something that you could take home with you,” said Wagner.

Adams, Heyne and Sordino all commented that the night was a success.

“This was a really good turnout,” concluded Heyne. “I hope people see this and think of coming to all the other SAC events because they’re going to be just as exciting and fun.”

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