Campus Rejects Comedy Tour comes to Marywood


Photo credit/ Bethany Wade

Students filled rows of seats in the Fireplace Lounge for this Student Activities Crew (SAC) event on Friday, Nov. 4.

Hannah Moore, Staff Writer

The Campus Rejects Comedy Tour came to Marywood University and filled Nazareth Student Center with laughter.

Students filled rows of seats in the Fireplace Lounge for this Student Activities Crew (SAC) event on Friday, Nov. 4, as well-known comedians Clint Nohr, Jason Allen King and Kaz Sortino of the Campus Rejects Comedy Group kicked off their tour.

According to a SAC flyer, these three comedians have worked with Aziz Anasari, Dave Attel, Pauly Shore, Louis C.K and have appeared on Funny or Die, a popular comedy video website. King has also worked as a scriptwriter on movies such as Talladega Nights and The Hunger Games.

The night started with Sortino, followed by a performance by King, and ended with Nohr closing the show. Each comedian gave a 30 minute performance.

Students were able to watch this group of comedians perform in their individual ways while also enjoying refreshments, such as hot chocolate.

Claudia Shandra, a sophomore communication sciences and disorders major, said she “thought it was good that they went out of their comfort zones to tell us these jokes.”

She said that she was happy to attend this event, as it was “something different to do with friends than what we do every night.”

Patricia Lee, a freshman pre-physician assistant major, also enjoyed the show. She decided to come to the show because she “wanted to come out to laugh.”

“I liked that they were each funny in their own ways,” said Lee.

One of the comedians of the night, Sortino, explained that he started his comedy career here in Pennsylvania as a result of a bet. While attending York College, he found himself performing at an Open Mic Night after losing a bet to a friend.

Even though he struggled initially, Sortino “had a great time” performing. He also explained that comedy “gets infectious” and he realized he wanted to continue pursuing it after the Open Mic Night.

Sortino said he enjoys comedy because it is great for getting people outside of their comfort zones and bettering themselves. He enjoys that it is an “opportunity to push yourself and build yourself while also making people laugh.”

Sortino said that he enjoyed performing at Marywood.

“You were very receptive and you all had smiles on your faces,” said Sortino. “Thank you to the school for having us and for coming out. All three of us are very grateful.”

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