Sr. John Says: Safety First


Sr. John Michele Southwick, IHM, Special Correspondent

Has it happened to you? You are sitting, trying to study while the television is on, and suddenly, it is time for the exam you have been supposedly studying for. You got so engrossed in the show, you lost track of time!

It is so easy to become distracted. We all do it. Alertness and awareness are not innate behaviors; they are learned, and they take practice. Safety should be one of our major concerns, especially in our world today. The more aware you are of what is around you, the safer you will be. So, how can I be more aware of my surroundings, you may ask?

The next time you walk into a room, give it a quick scan to see who is there and where the exits are. When you are walking down the street, look at shop windows’ reflections to see if someone is following you. The next time you are driving, notice the car passing you and see how much you can remember about them. Practice these tips and they will become a natural part of your life.

Of course, there are the regular things to do: When you go to a party, stay with the friends you came with. For those who are of legal drinking age, be mindful of how much you drink (and if you’re under 21, you should not drink at all!) Don’t EVER drink and drive. Stick to your boundaries and make sure those you know your boundaries as well. Don’t walk alone at night and always be aware of your surroundings!

What about texting or reading your emails while you are walking? Talk about being distracted- what a target you become. How can you be aware and alert when you run into things as you walk down the sidewalk? Don’t be a twit!

Your safety is too important. Practice being alert and aware; it could save your life!

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