Letter to the Editor: Response to ‘An inappropriate time and place’


Dear Editor,

While I address this to the entire Wood Word staff, and indeed anyone who may have in any way misinterpreted the remarks I made at the undergraduate hooding ceremony on Friday, May 18, I would especially like to direct my response to the Wood Word senior staff who graduated this past weekend.

I cannot state strongly enough that my calling attention to you and the work that you have done with The Wood Word was in fact meant to single you out for your accomplishments on a day that is designed to honor our students for their achievements. In fact, I so truly believe that you have every reason to be proud of your work as members of The Wood Word staff, that it never occurred to me that my remarks could be taken as anything other than what I meant them to be– a shout out for your great work.

To be clear, regarding my reference to The Wood Word’s annual report card, my intention was to assure you that your words, efforts and work are important and valued. As such, we as a community should strive to do better next year so that we can earn an “A.”

I sincerely apologize if my remarks in any way diminished the joy of your day. Again, nothing could be farther from the reaction that I hoped my words would have had. There is a quote that goes, “There is no worse lie than a truth that is misunderstood.” That is certainly the case here, and I accept responsibility, since it is clear that my message was not effectively communicated.

To future Wood Word staff members and student journalists, keep up the good work and live up to the high standards set by those who came before you.

Congratulations to the Marywood class of 2018.


Lisa Lori, Esq., Chair of Marywood’s Board of Trustees