OPINION: Kanye, what are you doing?


Photo credit/ Autumn Bohner

Assistant Opinion Editor Ashlynn Gallagher gives her opinion about rapper Kanye West’s behavior.

Ashlynn Gallagher, Assistant Opinion Editor

I have been staring at my computer screen for over 20 minutes not knowing what to say.

Let me just start by saying that I am in no way a medical professional. I’m not even a professional of any kind, but I think it is safe to say that Kanye West is going through something bigger than himself.

Let me explain. Lately we’ve been seeing him speak out in support of President Donald Trump and it’s no secret that this has caused a major uproar. Between his SNL rant and his most recent visit to the Oval Office, Kanye is becoming the drunk uncle at every family party.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Being completely erratic is kind of Kanye’s thing. When he sat down with radio show host Big Boy and revealed that he was diagnosed with a mental condition at the age of 39, it opened up a huge narrative on mental health. He discussed his album “Ye,” where he references bipolar disorder multiple times, including the cover art that said “I hate being Bi-Polar it’s awesome [sic].”

I do understand that because of his mental illness, some of his actions may be out of his control. But there is a line, and he can’t just do whatever he wants and think there won’t be repercussions.

At times I feel sorry for him. I know I will never truly understand what it’s like to have a mental illness and that my only insight is through online articles and videos. I’m sure it’s terrifying, but he is not the only one and we cannot continue to make excuses for him simply because we enjoy his music. Talent doesn’t excuse behavior.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 43.8 million Americans deal with mental illnesses every year and about 2.6 million suffer from bipolar disorder. Without proper treatment, it typically worsens over time and in severe episodes, a person can lose touch with reality and become delusional.

Not to get too political, but I’m not really sure why Kanye is so invested in Donald Trump to begin with. I have believed and always will believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but really, Kanye, this is who you’re choosing to cling to?

If he thinks there is nothing wrong with supporting a man who thinks sexually assaulting a woman is OK if you’re famous, then I feel sorry for his wife and daughters. If he thinks there is nothing wrong with supporting a man who has and continues to make blatantly racist comments without remorse, I also feel sorry for him.

Maybe it feels good for him to believe in something, maybe he enjoys the public’s reaction or maybe this is all just one big joke to sell his new album? Regardless, I think someone needs to tell Kanye not to put all of his eggs in one MAGA hat.

I think it might be in Kanye’s best interest to remain under the radar for the time being and for the love of God, stop tweeting! If Trump taught us anything, it’s that nothing good comes from late-night tweeting. Just get a journal and call it a day.

I’m not doubting that Kanye might actually have some good ideas or that his intentions may be genuine, but if he wants to get anything accomplished, I think he seriously needs to get some help and realize that the people he puts in his corner will make or break him.

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