Marywood’s Art Department hosts annual Foundation Year Exhibition


Photo credit/ Emily Scholl

Megan Reynolds, Arts & Entertainment Editor

On Tuesday, Sept. 3, the Marywood Art Department held the opening reception for the Foundation Year Exhibition in the lobby of the Insalaco Center for Studio Arts.

The exhibition is comprised of works created by first-year students as selected by the Art Department faculty. All students in any visual art major must take a certain set of courses in their first year called “foundation” courses. The exhibition is held at the beginning of every school year to celebrate the growth of the first-year students and to show incoming freshmen what to expect from their foundation year.

Associate Professor Sue Jenkins curated the gallery with the help of some students.

“It’s really good experience for [the students] and they learn from one another too, which is great. It becomes a little bit of a playful competition and they each try to out-do themselves,” Jenkins said about the importance of the exhibition.

Art Therapy Graduate Student Cassie Kilheeney believes the exhibit will help students get a feel of what it is like to be in the Art Department at Marywood.

“I think it’s a good way for new students to get an idea of what’s coming for them,” said Kilheeney.

Fans of art will have a chance to check out the 2019 Foundation Year exhibit until Sept. 29.

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