Who’s Who on Campus: Meet Director of Human Resources Molly Baron

Whos Who on Campus: Meet Director of Human Resources Molly Baron

Photo credit/ Erin Kane

Marli Hoskins, Contributor

Marywood University’s Human Resources (HR) Department welcomed a familiar face to become their new director.

After former Director of Human Resources Dr. E. Lee Felder left Marywood before the start of the fall 2019 semester, Molly Baron was promoted to fill the position at the start of the school year.

Baron has been working in Marywood’s HR department since 2011. Before being selected to serve as the new Director of Human Resources, she was part of a nationwide search and had to go through an interview process.

Baron said when she saw the opportunity for growth within her field, she stepped up to the plate.

“There were dozens of very qualified applicants, but after making my way through all the interviews, I was the one they decided to go with,” said Baron.

She said her passion for the HR field started with a college internship 25 years ago.

“Soon after starting, I knew that the field was for me,” Baron said.

Baron said the relationships she built with both students and staff throughout her career is what made her grow in the field, especially her work with former Associate Vice President of Human Resources Dr. Patricia Dunleavy.

“Dr. Dunleavy was truly my mentor,” said Baron. “She gave me so much advice about the HR field that I know I will use for the rest of my career.”

Although Baron said she is taking her time to become acclimated with the new higher-level management position, she has big goals for the upcoming year.

“We have already launched the online employment applications to make them more accessible to students, so we are hoping to continue building our efficiency through automation processes,” said Baron. “With everything nowadays moving to online platforms, we as a department feel it is our next big step.”

Baron said she feels an immense honor serving the Marywood community through the many channels the HR department is responsible for such as handling aspects of safety, student employment and benefits and compensation.

“[My number one priority is] meeting needs and ensuring the wellness of everyone on campus,” said Baron.

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