Maxis the Mascot to get a new look


Elizabeth Deroba, Contributor

Marywood University’s mascot, Maxis, is getting an upgrade.

On Oct. 11, Interim Director of Student Activities & Leadership Development Michael Kalage, Student Activities Coordinator Haleigh Zurek, the student mascot performer and four members from Marywood’s marketing office met to discuss plans for a brand new mascot costume.

“Costumes typically only last three to five years. We just approached four with this costume, so it was definitely starting to show its age inside and out,” said Kalage.

Kalage believes there are issues with the current costume. For example, the current Maxis costume is difficult to photograph from the front, which is hard on the student performer inside. According to Zurek, the current costume also does not resemble a real-life pacer as they are usually not black.

As a result, instead of simply replacing the current costume with an exact replica, plans are being made to give Maxis a whole new look so that he will be more personalized to Marywood.

The new Maxis design will be more closely based on Marywood’s logo and more photogenic. Unlike the current costume, he will be grey, will wear shoes and will also provide much better visibility for the student performer inside. According to Kalage, the goal is to ultimately further incorporate Marywood’s brand into the new costume.

“We’re trying to incorporate Maxis, his personality [and] his appearance with our brand and make sure we’re all behind the same face of the university, especially when it comes to promoting our athletics and student engagement as a whole,” said Kalage.

Kalage said that if all goes to plan, the new mascot costume should be ready for the spring 2020 semester; however, everything is still in the planning stages according to Zurek.

Zurek said she believes the school mascot isn’t just a costume, but is an important part of the campus community.

“It just gives us that sense of Marywood pride,” said Zurek. “That’s one of the things I’m hoping for with this new costume, that it really reiterates and instills Marywood pride in our students.”

Maxis will also be scheduled to make more appearances around campus. The mascot has primarily attended academic, community and club events in the past such as Philanthropy Day, Family Weekend and Marywood Madness, but the Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development is hoping to get Maxis to more sporting events this year.

“We’re hoping to work more closely with athletics moving forward to get the mascot more at athletic games and events, so that’s a goal,” Kalage said.

Zurek said she is excited to see what the future has in store for Maxis.

“I’m excited for a new chapter in Maxis’ life,” said Zurek.

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