COMMENTARY: “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” update to add new content


Wolf, the protagonist of “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” in one of the three costumes added in the upcoming update. Photo Courtesy of Activision.

Vincent Casella, Contributor

FromSoftware’s latest game, “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice,” will be receiving a massive update this Sunday, Oct. 25.

The stealth action game, set in a mythical version of Japan, punishes gamers to the extent that some gamers have declared it to be the most difficult title of 2019 and even the hardest game of all time.

However, this forthcoming update may potentially change that as the distinguished developer, known for producing the notoriously merciless “Souls” series and PS4 exclusive “Bloodborne,” announced it would include tons of new features back in July.

The highlight of the update is Reflections of Strength, a new mode that allows players to control Wolf, the protagonist of the game, and re-match bosses they have already defeated. This method of combat serves as preparatory measures for Gauntlets of Strength, single-life challenges wherein the players must start over from the beginning if and when they are defeated.

My thoughts on this gauntlet are positive, I believe it is a great idea to fight bosses over and over. It gives you the ability to memorize the attacks of a particular boss and how to fight them while taking as little damage as possible.

Plus, since all of FromSoftware’s boss fights are striking and intense, the ability to replay some of these breathtaking, graphically-intensive bosses is well worth it.

In other titles from the developer, notably “Dark Souls,” players can customize their characters by adding different armor pieces. By completing the boss rush mode or completing the campaign, people will finally be able to do this for Wolf— something they have been asking for ever since the title launched last year.

Another new feature included in the update is titled Remnants, which are recordings that show players performing different actions that they can then share with others. These audio bites can help players solve puzzles or provide tips and tricks to defeat formidable enemies.

The “Souls” series had a similar function called Phantoms, wherein spirits would periodically appear throughout the world to reveal how other people not only died but also how they got through specific tasks, in and outside of battle.

This feature is going to be a great addition to the game, as it will allow a sense of community in this single-player game.

Seeing as how the title has not had any downloadable content since it launched in March 2019, these updates are long overdue and should hopefully allow for more varied and ultimately enjoyable gameplay experiences regardless of how many hours they put into it.

However, these features will likely be the final significant update for the game, making it unlikely additional downloadable content will ever find its way to players.

This speculation is due in part to how the majority of the Japanese developer’s team will shift to focus on their latest title, “Elden Ring,” in collaboration with game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and famed novelist George R. R. Martin.

Overall, I believe all players, old or new, will find this update to be rewarding and entertaining in addition to an excellent reason to start playing FromSoftware’s epic this fall.

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