Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.

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By Katie O’Neil
Staff Writer

AIDS. This is a topic we hear about on the news or maybe from studying in class. Those who love RENT know about living with AIDS. However, this is still a very relevant issue because it still has no cure. AIDS is a disease that attacks the immune system, the part of our body that fights disease. Luckily, there have been advancements in medicine to help people live their lives with this disease, but they are still searching for a cure!

On December 1 the world celebrates World AIDS Day, which is a day to raise awareness about this still incurable disease. Not only is this day for awareness, but it is also to help educate people about AIDS and to stop the prejudice against those who suffer from it. Remember HIV/AIDS is not just a developing country’s issue, but anyone, men, women, and children can suffer from this disease all around the world. Governments, faith groups, national programs and many others pull together in order to make people aware of this issue. Over 33 million people have AIDS across the planet. “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise” is the slogan for this important event. We need to work together because people are not getting the necessary medicines and are unaware of the effects of this disease.

In order to raise awareness completely, people need to remember that this is preventable. There is no cure, but there are ways to prevent getting this disease. Make sure that you know the facts about AIDS. Wear a condom when having intercourse. Don’t share used needles.

Also, there needs to be awareness of the treatment of people with Aids. Don’t make generalizations about the person. Respect this person and do not share his or her information without permission. Do not think they are no longer human beings and treat them that way. This is a disease, not a choice.

The symbol for awareness of Aids is a red ribbon. So, on December 1, or really any day, remember to wear a red ribbon and think of all those suffering people who are still waiting for a cure. Together we can help make people aware of AIDS. In doing so we can fight for the rights of those who are suffering from it to get the medicines they need, stop the prejudice against them, and simply save their lives.

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