Students look to increase awareness of the physician assistant profession


Marywood’s Physician Assistant Student Society members discuss future activites that will be held during the fall semester.

Autumn Granza, Community Editor

The Physician Assistant Student Society (MUPASS) is a Marywood organization that is comprised of Physician Assistant (PA) students and has been active since 1998. Through MUPASS, the students promote health and wellness on campus, in the community and on a national level.

“We want to incorporate Marywood University’s goal of learning to live and practice medicine responsibly in an interdependent world,” said John Strickler.

The officers of MUPASS are: president John Strickler PA-S, vice president Kara Cordaro PA-S, treasurers Megan Branche PA-S and Valerie Dressel PA-S and secretary Molli Bash PA-S. All officers are first-year Physician Assistant graduate students. The club is advised by Dr. Lori Swanchak, PA-C.

The students involved in MUPASS participate in health fairs where they provide medical information to both students and the community. They aim to educate and increase awareness about health issues. Through increasing awareness, they hope to increase the probability of early detection and screening of serious illnesses.

“We have provided information regarding colon cancer, skin cancer, blood pressure screenings and information about blood pressure, along with providing information about the profession,” said Cordaro, first-year PA graduate student.

MUPASS students also participate in local and regional health fairs. The club has participated in the Lackawanna County Medical Society health fair, a Marywood health fair, recognized Physician Assistant Day, and supported a health fair in Jermyn.

The members of MUPASS plan to hold a self-defense class and a 5K walk/run supporting the Women’s Resource Center in the upcoming fall semester.