The Summer of Love (and Heartbreak)

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Owen Karoscik
Staff Writer
This has not been the most illustrious summer of blockbusters.
However, there have been some exceptions but isn’t that how it’s supposed
to be? Summer movies make money and entertain audiences.

The Best:

Many people are siding with Toy Story 3, but I find this to be the
animated movie of the year. Steve Carrel voices Gru, a cold-hearted
supervillain who plans to steal the moon. When competition comes in
the way of Vector, Gru adopts three girls to help him succeed in his
plot. However, the girls’ love towards him soon melts his cold heart.
Gru’s “minions” add even more humor and charm to this adorable
Although excellent with its writing and visual effects, Inception
gives you the one thing you don’t want when going out to the movies:
a headache. The cast is perfect (led by the superb Leonardo Dicaprio)
and directed by an incredible visionary (Christopher Nolan). The
story, however, is very difficult to follow and the running time (at two
and a half hours) is overextended. Some will disagree with me saying
that Inception was the film of the summer, and it comes close, but it
was not my favorite. It is still worthy, however, to be placed on my
best of summer list.
1.) Salt
This was the biggest shock of the summer for me. While watching
the trailer for months, I kept asking the same question given to myself
and the audience: Who is Salt? In one of her best performances ever,
Angelina Jolie climbs buildings, jumps across moving trucks, and
kills anyone who gets in her way. Would like to say more, but don’t
want to spoil the surprise twists and turns. A must-see!

The Worst:

I won’t disagree with anyone who argues with me for having Iron
Man 2 on my worst of summer list. In reality, it was not the worst I’ve
seen this summer, it was just a disappointment. It is incomparable to
its predecessor, but is good at the beginning and the end. However,
I found the middle to drag on and not very exciting. I still chuckle
thinking about Mickey Rourke, who plays the villain, saying, in an
awful Russian accent, that he wants his bird.
3-D has always been a ridiculous gimmick to me, until I saw
Avatar last year. It was more than a movie. It was a spectacle. Sure
it was not original storytelling, but there is no denying the beauty of
its CGI. It was the first movie that proved 3-D to be an art form. The
only thing financers in Hollywood saw was the extra five dollar ticket
charge and a quick way to make billions of dollars. It gets really
annoying seeing every movie come out in 3-D, especially ones that
don’t need to. This mega-disaster was one of the king of them. All the
actors in this movie, especially the legendary Richard Dreyfus, must
have been desperate for money.
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