Keeping It Real with Katie and Kelly


Katie Owens & Kelly Rickert, A&E Editor and Asst. News Editor

My boyfriend and I are in a relatively new relationship and we live pretty far apart. I am worried about what might happen over winter break if we don’t get to see each other. Do you have any suggestions for what I should do about this?

Long-Distance Distressed

The most basic advice we can give is to not worry about something that doesn’t have a cause. If your boyfriend (or girlfriend) isn’t giving you a reason to worry, don’t.

As for the normal inconvenience of miles, there’s plenty of ways to get around that. First of all, if you can get away from home for a few days and it’s not entirely too far of a drive, try to get to see each other over break. Or if you both drive half way and go out for dinner and a movie, that way you get a bit of time together.

But if that is out of the question, do what plenty of people have to do: Skype, call each other, or text. In reality, break is only a few short weeks and then you’ll be back at school and together. Think of all the people who manage to make long-term, long-distance relationships work. If you’re worried about your boyfriend or girlfriend getting into trouble while apart from you, well, you probably shouldn’t be dating in the first place.

I am having trouble deciding what direction I want to go in after I graduate. I like my major I just don’t know what exactly to do with it. Where do you think I should start?

Honestly Indecisive

The good news is that you haven’t changed your mind at the last minute and decided to hate your major. That would be a whole other problem. Plenty of people question what they want to do with their life, because it is, you know, their life.

Our first bit of advice is to sit down and plot out your options. Do some research. There may be more fields than you initially thought that you can go into with your degree. Take into consideration what you’re interested in that would be a sustainable career. Talk to your professors and other people in your life. Sometimes other people recognize your strengths better than you can.

Another way you can figure out your strengths are by taking personality tests and career aptitude tests. If you find these from a reliable source and answer the questions honestly, these tests can help you determine the area that may best suit you Another beneficial step is that if you have an idea of a job you’d like, try to get an internship. These are especially good if you need to network. Recommendation letters and even perhaps post-graduation job offers often come from good internships.

The bottom line here is the entire world is at your fingertips. You just need to narrow down your interests into something palpable and go for it.

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