Pinning with Autumn: DIY Snowy Winter Candleholders

Autumn Granza, Editor-In- Chief

Tis the season. With the holidays approaching I have been searching Pinterest for the perfect holiday crafts or gift ideas. One craft that caught my eye were snowy winter candle holders made out of jars. This is a very simple craft, and I loved the outcome.
What you will need:
-Modge Podge
-a paint brush
-a jar
-Epsom salt or glitter
-tape (optional)
Step 1: Lay down newspaper because it can get quite messy. Take the jar and either tape a design, which I chose to do, or leave it plain.

Step 2: Take the Modge Podge and paint the entire jar. If you choose to do a design, Modge Podge over the tape, too.

Step 3: Once the jar is completely covered in Modge Podge, take the Epsom salt or glitter (I chose to use glitter) and sprinkle it all over the jar.

Step 4: Before the Modge Podge is too dry, remove the tape.

Step 5: Place a candle inside and admire your masterpiece.

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