BrigEats: Chicano’s: Delicious, authentic Mexican food


Brigid Edmunds, News Editor

With the growing popularity of Moe’s, Panchero’s and Chipotle, Mexican cuisine is front and center in our diets. With the recent health scare at Chipotle, foodies may be looking for an alternative to the chain, and you’re in luck.

The South Side section of Scranton holds a small treasure for burrito enthusiasts and those who like to eat on a budget. Chicano’s Restaurant, located at 427 Cedar Ave., is real-deal Mexican food that fits the college student budget.

The restaurant, which you could miss if you’re not looking, is small and quaint. There are about a dozen tables with four chairs around them and, while there is contemporary Hispanic music playing, the atmosphere is relaxed and quiet.

The food is in a league of it’s own. I wouldn’t be doing it justice if I compared it to Chipotle or Moe’s. Chicano’s has an extensive menu; you could get anything from a single beef taco to huevos ranchero, all without breaking the bank.

I recently needed to get some vaccines for my upcoming service trip, and decided Chicano’s was the perfect lunch spot. I always have a hard time choosing what I’m going to get. I’ve sampled many dishes and have loved each of them equally. My mother and I decided we would split some smaller plates to get more of a variety.

When you first sit down, you are greeted with chips and delicious and spicy chipotle sauce for dipping. The chips are hearty and don’t break easily under the pressure of the dip, which is always a plus. The chipotle sauce is creamy and cool in temperature, but packs a kick in flavor.

Our first plate was tostadas, which prove to be the perfect appetizer. The dish is created on crispy tortilla shells. Then, refried beans are layered with lettuce, tomato and Mexican cheese. They come with a side of hot sauce, which is best drizzled over the top. The crispy shell mixed with the creaminess from the beans and cheese creates a multiple note texture bursting with fresh flavors from the lettuce and tomato.

Then, I ordered chicken empanadas and my mother ordered beef tacos. For those who may not know, an empanada is a filled dough that is fried and delightful–kind of like a pierogi but bigger and not made with potatoes.

My love for Chicano’s empanadas is infinite. The dough is fried perfectly and the shredded chicken on the inside is flavored beautifully with spices and the entire dish melts in your mouth. It is topped with sour cream and cheese which adds a creamy note to this dish.

For college students, Chicano’s offers great food that fits into any type of budget. Chicano’s offers an extensive menu of authentic Mexican food that would satisfy the appetite of any Mexican food fanatic.

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