Trends With Kens: The Dudes of Comm Arts show off their Fall Fashion

Trends With Kens: The Dudes of Comm Arts show off their Fall Fashion

McKensie Curnow, A&E Editor

trends with kensThe weather may be getting chilly, but students from the Communication Arts Department are always looking hot. Get inspired by these cozy and comfy looks from these stylish guys.

Alex Weidner, junior digital media major
Weidner describes this look as “Suburban Dad.”

“Usually, I flip flop between dressing like a dad and dressing like a rebellious teenager,” said Weidner. “Honestly, today I just threw on the first thing I found in my closet.”

Weidner said his favorite part about this look is the sweater.

“I don’t get to wear it much because it hasn’t been the right weather until now. I was about to just grab a jacket but I saw this in my closet and felt like it was just right for today,” explained Weidner.

14681635_1523294017684610_3198867417116835361_nPhoto credit/ McKensie Curnow

Daniel Smith, junior broadcast journalism major
During the colder months, Smith enjoys wearing sweaters.

“It gets a little hot in the summer. Then I have to wear polos. Those are kind of like short sleeve sweaters though, so it’s cool,” said Smith.

Smith said the best part about his outfit are his shoes.

“They’re a half size too small, but I like them, so I squeeze,” said Smith.

14720472_1523293901017955_4467214474170343456_nPhoto credit/ McKensie Curnow

Terry Thompson, junior broadcast journalism major
Thompson calls his personal style “stylistically minimalistic.”

“I like to wear clothes that blend together very well with each other. And not just my clothes, that goes for other aspects of myself,” explained Thompson.

Thompson’s favorite accessory isn’t an article of clothing, but a physical part of himself.

“I really dig my hair. I feel like it’s just as much a part of my outfit as my jeans are,” said Thompson. “I can also switch up my hairstyle or color whenever I want depending on how I want it to be.”

14671132_1523293837684628_7882645959245910857_nPhoto credit/ McKensie Curnow

Zack Bruzgo, senior digital Media major
Bruzgo describes this outfit as “very casual and comfy.”

“It’s warm on the top, but colorful and cool at the bottom,” said Bruzgo.

Bruzgo said his personal style is usually casual with a lot of black and tie dye.

“I like obscure clothing brands and interesting textures and shapes and interesting themes,” said Bruzgo.

His favorite part about this outfit are the pink sneakers and funky socks.

14695464_1523293954351283_7060095088130426341_nPhoto credit/ McKensie Curnow

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