Popcorn Picks Review: Lego Batman Movie

Popcorn Picks Review: Lego Batman Movie

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Bethany Wade, Asst. Photography Editor

It’s a sad day for DC Comics when the Lego versions of their characters are better than their film versions.

That day came on Feb. 6, 2014 when the original “Lego Movie” was released in theatres and Will Arnett’s Batman was better than any other version of the character.

Flash forward to Feb. 10, 2017 when “Lego Batman Movie” was released. After the disaster that was 2016’s “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” this movie could not have come at a better time.

The entire concept of Batman is quite ridiculous, and the “Lego Batman Movie” nails this head on. Batman takes himself too seriously, refusing to commit to one nemesis, to the dismay of the Joker, and hiding in Wayne Manor until the Bat Signal reappears and he can go fight crime again.

Just like in “The Lego Movie,” Will Arnett, the voice of Batman/Bruce Wayne, pins down the true essence of Batman. His comedic timing shines, especially with the fantastic screenplay.

Batman, however, is never truly Batman without his supporting cast, and Michael Cera is the perfect Robin for Arnett’s Batman.

Cera not only acts as a great sidekick, but also as the perfect parallel to the relationship between Bruce and Alfred, his butler.

Speaking of Alfred, Ralph Fiennes is so perfect as Alfred that he might as well be cast as him in the next live-action Batman movie.

But without a great story, a great cast can only be OK. The writing team behind this movie may have come up with the greatest Batman storyline shown in theaters.

The idea of the Joker forcing Batman to admit he is his number one nemesis is a great plot point, since the Joker brings in so many of Batman’s other foes for a revenge plot.

While on the subject of his revenge scheme, however, the plan left major questions at the end of the movie.

The Joker is a ridiculous character, but getting every Batman villain to team up just because the Joker isn’t Batman’s number one foe? That’s not just ridiculous, that’s petty. The Joker is not a petty villain.

The specifics of the revenge plot as well were confusing. Without spoiling anything, it seems as though the Joker magically knew everything that would happen while he was in prison so he could plan around it and be freed.

Well, it is a superhero movie. Someone’s plan has to have plot holes.
Not only does the script make fun of DC’s usual portrayal of the character, but the script also gives Batman the story he truly deserves where he can shine as one of DC’s greatest heroes.

Taking away the comedy of this film, the movie really shows Batman for who he is: a superhero who just wants to fight crime and live his life to make his parents proud.

In a year where the DC Cinematic Universe is expected to revive itself with movies such as “Wonder Woman” and “Justice League,” “The Lego Batman Movie” set the bar for a good DC movie extremely high.

Rating: Four kernels out of five.

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