WAVVES releases two singles on new album “You’re Welcome”


Credit to WAVVES Official Facebook

Kat Bischak, A&E Staff Writer

During the week of March 1, Nathan Williams of WAVVES released two singles off his new album “You’re Welcome,” set to be released on May 19.

The two singles that were released were titled “Daisy” and “You’re Welcome,” which have already exploded online, being shared and downloaded with tremendous enthusiasm. Fans of the band have waited for new music since WAVVES released “V” in late 2015.

The band did not disappoint.

“Daisy” begins with the ocean vibes and reverberated chords that WAVVES is known for, calling back to the title track off their third album, “King of the Beach.” The song speaks of getting back to a girl he loves, possibly his girlfriend.

One of the lines that is reprised throughout the song is “they’re shooting at me, grinning through their teeth.” The line is similar to elements of WAVVES’ 2013 album “Afraid of Heights.” The song overall has a fantastic feeling to it, wanting listeners to dive right into the next song.

“You’re Welcome” brings the happy vibes down a little into groggy melodies. Williams sings about needing some relief with the line “let the world do its own spinning,” showing that he needs a break from everyday responsibilities. The song takes a more personal approach for listeners, which was a great choice on Williams’ behalf.

I was so ecstatic to see this new music from WAVVES after hearing his cover of Weezer’s “You Gave Your Love To Me Softly,” that was released at the end of 2016. I was not disappointed by his new singles, and was glad that he was able to mix old sounds with new ones to create something for fans new and old.

I am absolutely thrilled to hear the new album, and judging from what I hear already, I hope it brings elements from “King of the Beach,” which was released in 2010 and “Afraid of Heights,” released in 2013. I also hope Williams brings in elements from “V” as well, which seemed to take him higher in the rankings of indie rock.

WAVVES also announced that he will be going on tour with Blink-182, along with Post Animal and Kino Kimino. Tickets are available on his website, where fans can also pre-order the new album on a limited edition blue vinyl or CD.

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