Pinning with Margaret: DIY rustic candle

Margaret Scott, Asst. A&E Editor

Can’t find the perfect store-bought candle that not only smells good, but can also double as a center piece? This DIY rustic candle holder will revamp any one of your favorite candles!

What you need:

Candle jar (any size)

Hot glue gun


Twine String

To get started, pre-heat the glue gun and collect different types of twigs, depending on the size of the candle holder. If it’s a smaller votive candle, cut twigs to size. Most craft stores sell packs of similar-sized twigs if you can’t collect them yourself.

Once the glue gun is heated, start to spread a line of glue on each twig. Place these twigs vertically on the candle holder so they are close together. Make sure to hold the twigs to the candle for a few seconds after placing them to make sure the glue dries and they stay secure.

If the twigs stick out too much above the candle jar, trim with scissors. Wood is flammable and can easily catch on fire if the twigs cover the opening of the candle holder.

Once the twigs completely cover the entire candle holder, tie the twine string around the middle of the holder in a simple bow.

Now, you turned an old candle into a perfect addition to any room. Be creative with your candle and add burlap or any other material that will give it a rustic feel.

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