Marywood holds art therapy exhibition for graduating seniors


Photo credit/ Bethany Wade

Justin Kucharski, Staff Writer

The Suraci Gallery in the Shields Center for Visual Arts opened its exhibition of “BA Senior Exhibition in Art Therapy,” which includes the works of senior art therapy students Ashley Caldaro, Brittany Fyock, Gabriella Gonzalez and Cecelia Peters.

The opening reception was held on Nov. 17 and lasted from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., where all four artists welcomed visitors and answered questions about their work.

A larger exhibition is held for all graduating students in the Spring, but since these four seniors are graduating at the end of fall semester, Interim Art Director Marguerite Fuller organized a smaller event so they could have the same opportunity.

“It is the first time art therapy is doing a show in the fall, so it is an awesome experience and opportunity for these seniors,” said Fuller.

Senior Art Therapy Major Cecelia Peters said she is grateful for this opportunity.

“It is very special to us. It is also nice to have the opportunity to pick more than just one piece of art to display like in the spring exhibition,” said Peters.

Senior Ashley Caldaro said the student community came together to support the exhibition.

“It is really exciting and cool to actually be here for this special event, especially after all the art students talked up this event,” Caldaro said.

For senior Brittany Fyock, she said the event signified one book closing, but another opening full of opportunities.

“It feels good knowing that it is the end and that we are all going on to bigger things, but it is also bittersweet knowing that the end of our careers at Marywood are almost over,” Fyock said.

Senior Gabriella Gonzalez said one of her favorite aspects about art is its ability to transport people to different places.

“For me, art is a very personal experience. Painting pieces of where I come from brings that small piece of home here which helps Marywood feel like home away from home,” Gonzalez explained.

The Senior Art Therapy Exhibition will remain on display in the Suraci Gallery until Dec. 7.

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