Marywood welcomes new music production club


Photo credit/ Kim Petro

The club’s first meeting!

Joining Marywood’s lineup of 50 clubs this semester is the Music Production Club. Junior Eric Spivak, a film, tv and digital media major with a music minor, is the brains behind it all.

While most clubs are department-based, Spivak wanted to “bridge the gap” between the music programs and the multimedia communication program. Spivak recognized both programs could benefit from working with one another and especially provide equipment access to students in the music program.

Spivak is a self-proclaimed beginner in music production, but his interest was piqued while working with school friends on some music projects.

“I met two friends here, Rubane Singh and Jason Ardan, and we worked on music together, which sparked [my] interest in starting the club,” he explained.

That communal feeling is what Spivak wants to introduce everyone to in the hopes that more people might join the club.

Even though the club is new to Marywood, Spivak hopes it will benefit both music and multimedia communication students. He hopes that the club opens up opportunities for students through equipment access, practicum opportunities, and working with like-minded people. Practicum is a required course where multimedia communication students gain practical, hands-on experience outside the classroom.

“I really hope in the Spring semester for this to count toward practicum,” said Spivak.

He also hopes the club generates further interest in music production to eventually move toward a music production major in the future.

The club will be a place for members to work and grow individually, but also a collaborative space for like-minded people to work with one another.

“The club is open to everyone. Our advisors and I would be more than happy to teach the basics of music production,” Spivak noted.

Gina Sacco, a freshman music therapy major and club member, is excited about the group.

“I want to learn how to use the equipment better, utilize LogicPro, and to learn how to make tracks, which I could use in my future career,” said Sacco.

The club is on its way towards a successful semester and a bright long-term future with the hopes to continue expanding.

“We want to try to expand the club to utilize different people’s talents and work collaboratively,” states Sacco.

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