Crypt Collection: A look into Manos and the Hands of Fate


Here on the Crypt Collection I like to have fun. I love to look at movies that are good and are enjoyable to watch. However, there is a certain part of me that loves looking at bad horror movies as well. Now when I say bad horror movies, the kind of horror movies I mean is the “so bad they’re good” kind of bad horror movies. In essence, these are bad films because their production and acting quality are so awful that it becomes less scary or serious and more funny.

“Manos” is a perfect example of this. First off, this movie is in the public domain, which means that anyone can use it and make a profit off of it without contacting the creators. Because of this, the full movie is available on YouTube and people can stream and download it without repercussions.

“Manos” occupies a fascinating place in the world of horror. In the late 60s and early 70s, bad horror began to take hold. It was the era of schlock and scream queens. It was the time of drive in theaters and pastors ranting about the horrors of rock and roll and horror movies. It was the era of exploitation films. Some notable examples include “The Astro Zombies”, “The Beast of Yucca Flats” and “Werewolf in a Girls Dormitory.”

So what makes “Manos” so bad? Well for starters the budget of this film was $19,000. The director, Harold P. Warren, was not a person with any film experience. At the time that “Manos” was being filmed, Warren was an insurance salesman who made a bet with a screenwriter by the name of Stirling Silliphant that he could make a horror movie with little to no money or experience. In a twisted way, Warren succeeded in his bet,directing, producing and starring in this “film”.

While watching “Manos” with this in mind, it becomes obvious how little production was put into this film. But in a weird way, the movie has a certain charm to it. With its low budget and shoddy production, one can almost take enjoyment in how bad the film is. “Manos” is the kind of movie where one can sit down with their friends after too many drinks, relax and watch a bad movie.

“Manos” is a film that invokes the feeling of early horror with its schlocky and terrible production. Is it a good film? Far from it. It is however a memorable one. If one is looking to relax and have a good laugh, “Manos” is for you!

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