Hot Spot: Magnolia Wellness Center offers some rest and relaxation


Photo credit/ Amanda Morgan

Magnolia is a good spot to meet up with some friends or to take a nice, quiet day for yourself.

As the second half of the semester gets into full swing, stress could hit an all time high for students and faculty across campus. Some much needed relaxation is offered at Magnolia Inn and Wellness Center, located roughly 30 minutes from campus in Mt. Pocono.

Magnolia was recently opened on Oct.15 by sisters Oksanna Vizuate and Inna Vityuk.

Unique for the area, Magnolia offers therapy services for the body. The wellness aspect is to differentiate the business from local spas, instead aiming for a wellness mentality.

“Magnolia is somewhere you can get better and feel better,” explained Oksanna Vizuete.

Many of the services offered here are innovative and becoming trendy. Seen spreading across social media, these services are becoming well-known to the younger generations. Magnolia offers cryotherapy (cold treatment), floating therapy (sensory deprivation), compression therapy, colon hydrotherapy (colonic cleansing), IV drip therapy and halo salt therapy (salt room). To learn more about each service, you can visit their website or Facebook where each one is described in detail. As you can see, therapy is a big notion for the business, going beyond the mind and into the body.

“[Magnolia] offers wellness to the mind, body, and soul,” commented Derek Marinkov, the general manager at Magnolia.

The business also offers massages, sessions with a bio charger, an infrared sauna, and a steam room. There seems to be a little something for everyone here, whether looking for a specific treatment tailored to your body, such as something for the joints, hydration, fatigue, headaches or simply looking to relax.

Even if not getting a service, students are still encouraged to visit. There is a lounge and a cafe that offers WiFi where you are welcome to go and study or hang out. The cafe offers freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, acai bowls and paninis.

Do you love selfies? Magnolia is about to feature a new machine that prints edible selfies on the top of coffee foam, called the selfie-chino.

If you are environmentally conscious like me, you’ll be happy to know that Magnolia claims to use all organic, bio-friendly, paraben free and cruelty free products in their services and their cafe.

“[Magnolia offers a] calm and chill atmosphere,” commented Marinkov.

After receiving a tour of the place, I definitely want to make this a place where I could hang out with friends. Not only could I get healthy food or a service to offer therapy to my body, but I could also just hang out in a stress-free environment.

The place itself was very clean, modern, relaxing and appealing, and the staff was super-friendly and helpful.

One of the goals of Magnolia is to be available and accessible to tourists and the local community. There is a bus station directly across the street, allowing people who need an alternative method of transportation or people coming from farther away.

Affordability also seems to be a goal. Since this is a place that encourages health and therapy for the mind and body, frequent trips are promoted.

“Going to a wellness spot shouldn’t be a once in a while occurrence,” explained Marinkov.

To make this a possibility, Magnolia offers memberships starting at $99 a month. There was also mention of group discounts if you want to go with a group of friends, so keep an eye out for that. And to make it even better, Oksana disclosed a special offer for Marywood students to get 1 free service from a selection of tier one services, such as the infrared sauna, compression therapy, bio charger or medbed if they show their student I.D..

Even if just looking to go and have a drink, or to find a relaxing space to meet up with some friends, I would highly recommend giving Magnolia a try.

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