Hotspot: Rockstar Dog Bakery


Photo credit/ Jennifer Flynn

Rockstar Dog Bakery had its grand opening on April 15. The bakery was immediately packed with customers and their furry friends.

The bakery is located at 921 Drinker Turnpike Suite 12, Covington Township, Lackawanna County,PA.

After walking inside to the bakery, customers are immediately greeted by the owner of the bakery, Jodi McGee, and her adorable St. Bernard lab mix. Her dog already set the atmosphere for the bakery.

McGee prides herself on selling natural dog treats and already has noticed how much customers appreciate her bakery. She told WNEP-TV prior to the Grand Opening that customers “love that it’s all-natural. There’s no preservatives,so they know that they’re feeding their dog good quality treats, as well as food.”

The bakery treats consist of cupcakes, pretzels, cookies, donuts and birthday cakes. The cupcakes are available in either small or large, are homemade with peanut butter and cinnamon, and topped with mashed potato icing. The pretzels are turkey and bacon flavored, while the cookies and donuts vary. The birthday cakes are in the shape of a dog bone with a candle on top.

McGee also told WNEP that she believes people are becoming more aware of what they feed their dog, noting that better feeding can result in a better quality of life for their pet.

The place is mostly for dogs but they do have small treats for cats as well. They also have some toys and a few other pet essentials.

At the Grand Opening, they gave customers swag bags filled with stuff for dogs and two things for owners. They also had a special treat for the dogs who came into the bakery.

I really liked the bakery, especially seeing the dogs that came in. I found some satisfying treats for my family’s dogs, my neighbor’s dog, and my family’s cats. The treats were inexpensive and overall it was a great experience.

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