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By Amanda Myrkalo
Staff Writer

For all Marywood students – residents and commuters alike – in possession of a car, the price for a parking permit is about to be raised.

The current $50 this year will double to $100 beginning the 2008 fall semester. The permit will last from September to September.

The Marywood University Security Department buys the permits from CAL-IDEAS, a Dunmore advertising company, and then sells them to the student population. The money is then given to the cashier’s office. Mike Finegan, Assistant Chief of the Marywood Security Department was unable to comment on the benefits of the increase, as “The money raised goes to the general fund…we do not participate in the decision.” Though the Security Department and the Housing Department were unable to comment on the purpose of the extra money, it does assist the university, which returns back to students.

The Marywood Board of Trustees decides parking permit prices each year as part of their yearly agenda. A sophomore Marywood student commented, “I think it’s ridiculous because they charge a fortune for us to come here and fifty dollars is a lot of money to ask from a college student.” Though the doubled price may upset you, the money does benefit the university.

Also, Marywood University parking permit prices are actually quite low in comparison to other school. Nearby University of Scranton charges $200 a year for parking.

Plus, as a University of Scranton sophomore commented, “Parking for the sophomores sucks, while parking for the juniors is good.” At other colleges, freshmen are not even allowed to have cars on campus. At Marywood University, all age groups are treated equally. However, as the Marywood student comments, “Either way, it’s a lot of money from $50 to $100…money is money.”

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