VP for Student Life wins national award

VP for Student Life wins national award

Dr. Raymond Heath

Mackenzie Warren, Asst. News Editor

Dr. Raymond Heath, vice presi- dent for student life, is the 2014 recipient of the Scott Goodnight Award for outstanding Perfor- mance as a Dean, awarded by the National Association of Stu- dent Personnel Administration (NASPA).

NASPA is a professional organi- zation composed of persons who are involved in student affairs, and work in colleges and univer- sities around the country. Heath received the award this month.

According to a press release by Marywood University, “The award is given to a senior student affairs officer who has demonstrated sustained professional service in student affairs work, high- level competency in administra- tive skills, innovative response in meeting students’ varied and emerging needs, effectiveness in developing junior staff members, and leadership in community and university affairs.”

According to Heath, NASPA provides a litany of services to aca- demic institutions. For example, they produce journals and re- search, and they provide profes- sional development in the North- east and Mid Atlantic regions. They have meetings and recog- nize the good work being done by persons and schools in particular.

Heath has extensive experi- ence in NASPA. He serves as vice president of Region II, and as a li- aison to the National Consortium for Academics and Sports. Heath was also one of the founders of NASPA’s Small Colleges and Uni- versities Institute.

Heath was nominated for this award by Region 2 members and colleagues. There are eight regions in the country and each region selects a recipient.

“Each of those persons’ names goes on to the national organization, where it’s re- viewed by another committee of peers,” said Heath.

Paula Gethman, Heath’s executive secretary, was the first person contacted at Marywood regarding his nomination.

“I’ve been his executive sec- retary since 1996, and one of his primary initiatives was to develop programs/services to encourage student success and overall satisfaction with their collegiate experience,” said Gethman.

Heath said he was humbled by the award and proud to represent Marywood.

“That’s the beauty of this. It’s acknowledgment by your peers and people who have worked with you, and in this case, I didn’t argue for a re- count, but I was very pleasant- ly surprised,” said Heath.