SGA discusses housing changes, constitutional amendments


Photo credit/ Kelsey Van Horn

Patrick Kernan, Managing Editor

Student Government Association’s second meeting of the semester was held on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

Ross Novak, director of student conduct and resident life, came to the meeting to talk to SGA about changes in housing.

According to Novak, Marywood will begin the process of converting some of the residence spaces on campus in to graduate-student-exclusive areas. These areas include apartments 32 through 36 in the Woodlands.

“Instead of filling these rooms to the maximum capacity,” Novak said about the graduate housing spaces, “…we’ll try to keep them as much as possible as singles.”

According to Novak, graduate students would not be required to buy a meal plan, and the no-alcohol policy would remain in place for them.

Novak also addressed a recent error made on Marywood’s website, which said that the entirety of the Woodlands would be converted into graduate housing. Novak reiterated that it would only be apartments 32 through 36.

In addition to Novak’s presentation, President Melissa Kowalski made a motion for an amendment to SGA’s constitution regarding voting rights at meetings.

In this amendment, new members to SGA who have not been elected would be given voting rights after attending two SGA meetings. These meetings would not have to be consecutive.

The amendment passed with 17 votes in favor, zero against, and one abstention.

Other topics addressed by SGA include:

  • A return of the Marywood planners, with new copies being given to freshmen and additional copies being available in the bookstore.
  • The final cost for new furniture for the Fireplace Lounge, which came out to $10,179.
  • A discussion of the recent switch from PNC Bank ATMs to Fidelity ones, with one SGA member calling the change “inconvenient.”

SGA’s next meeting will be held Feb. 16.

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