NEWS BRIEF: Student Government announces election results


Photo credit/ Rachel Looker

SGA held their first meeting of the semester on Aug. 30.

Ali Sidiki, Asst. News Editor

Marywood University’s Student Government Association (SGA) announced its election results for the 2016-2017 academic year.

SGA held executive elections on Sept. 8, 2016. Voting took place online via a link sent out by Kimberly Coleman, interim director of Student Activities & Leadership Development.

Coleman sent an email with the results of the elections to all undergraduate students on Friday morning.

The elected candidates are:

-Health and Human Services Representative: Kathleen McCormick, sophomore exercise science major

-Reap College Representative: Gianna Dellerose, sophomore speech language pathology major

-Class of 2020 Senators: Jyai Jefferson, freshman architecture major, and Joanna Murray, freshman art education major

-Food Services Representative: Sarah Liang, junior business management and marketing major

-Security Representative: Michael Plate, senior accounting major

-University Services Representative: Imani Kirkman, junior history/political science and pre-law major

-Class of 2018 Senator: Haleigh Zurek, junior nutrition major

-Class of 2017 Senator: Alexis Namyak, senior exercise science major

The email cited “technical difficulties” for not electing an Athletics Representative. A re-election between Kaitlyn McDonnell and Samantha Lindquist will take place on Sept. 15 to decide who will take on the new role.

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Correction on September 13: Kimberly Coleman’s position previously stated assistant director, but actually is interim director.

Update on September 13: Decided on September 13, Samantha Lindquist will take on the new role as Athletics Representative.