Principal Leadership Academy hosts a leadership forum


Photo credit/ Anne Zukowski

The five leaders of the panel, Bryan McGraw, Brian McCarthy, Christine Rosenkrans, Ben Tolerico, Jim Mitchell each gave advice and answered questions about their positions and leadership responsibilities.

Anne Zukowski, Web Editor

Marywood’s Principal Leadership Academy held a leadership forum on Tuesday, Oct. 11 for graduate students pursuing a career in educational administration.

According to the organizer of the event, Dr. Joseph Polizzi, associate professor of Education and Educational Leadership, the Principal Leadership Academy’s goal is to develop and help aspiring school principals.

Polizzi invited graduate students working on their administration degrees and certificates, local school administrators and principals to explain what leadership skills are needed in an educational environment.

Before the panel, Msgr. David L. Tressler, member of the Board of Trustees, and Dr. Candis M. Finan, retired superintendent of the Delaware Valley School District, explained what qualities are needed in a good leader.

“Leaders challenge themselves to move beyond and forward,” said Tressler.

Polizzi asked the panel’s five administrative leaders to give advice and to explain what they have learned from working in an administrative environment.

The five leaders, Superintendent of North Pocono School District Bryan McGraw; Assistant Principal of Delaware Valley Middle School Brian McCarthy; Director of Curriculum of Wyoming Area School District Christine Rosenkrans; Principal of Holy Cross High School Ben Tolerico; and Principal of Dingman Delaware Middle School Jim Mitchell each gave advice and answered questions about their positions and leadership responsibilities.

Polizzi’s questions related to the role of of emotion, remaining positive every day, and dealing with disagreements between bosses or coworkers.

Bryan McGraw, superintendent of North Pocono School District, addressed Polizzi’s question about what he found was the biggest surprise of being in an administration position.

“You have to let go of things being perfect,” said McGraw. “We’re human, and we just have to care for the students.”

Attendee Rachael Laboranti, a local teacher from Mid Valley High School, said she attended this forum because she looked forward to building her skills as a leader.

“I have a passion for helping,” said Laboranti. “It’s personal growth [for me]…and for the students…it’s a call to leadership, and important to build these skills.”

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