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Practical apps for smartphones
Apple has recently released two new applications that may serve a practical use for our everyday, busy schedules.  According to Comcast.net News on February 8, iPhone released a new app called “Confession” for Catholic’s to make confessions, and to help lapsed Catholics return to their religious beliefs.

This new app is sanctioned by the Catholic Church of the United States and retails for $1.99 on Apples App Store.  On January 20, Apple also released an app called “Square” that allows mobile credit card transactions from virtually anywhere with Wi-Fi.  “Square” is available for download by users of iPhones, iPads, and the iPod touch.  According to Apple, “Square” is an innovative point of sale solution that replaces your cash register and credit card terminal. Square accepts all major debit and credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.”
This new credit card transaction application is free to Apple users along with the “Square” credit card reader.

These applications, although convenient, may pose possible issues for many users.  Take the application “Confession” for example.  Catholics may find this new application far more convenient but, at what cost?  Many Catholics may find this app easier however; Catholics may find the impersonal nature of their confession not religious. Ultimately users may believe the app doesn’t serve the purpose that they are accustomed to in a Catholic Confessional.  As a Catholic, the idea of the Catholic Church endorsing such an app is offensive.  Which makes me wonder if this new app is a way for the Catholic Church to relieve some of their responsibilities?

“Confession” may defeat the Catholic Churches idea of penance for their sins but, according to Comcast.net News “Pope Benedict XVI’s at a World’s Communication address on January 24 emphasized the importance of a Christian presence in the digital world.”

As for “Square,” the benefits out weigh the potential problems.  This application may serve a very useful for businesses that do their jobs outside of an office environment.  “Square” allows users to use their Apple device to complete money transactions virtually anywhere.  This new application may help business to receive payment faster and more conveniently.  The only potential downfall of this product is that it can be used to make any transaction.  These transactions may be used for legitimate or illegal purchases if the service is misused.  Each transaction is recorded by the “Square”service
and electronically emails a receipt to the consumer and business.

Applications such as “Square” and “Confession” have made it more convenient for users to balance our hectic everyday lives.  These applications allow us to access and utilize services that can potentially revolutionize the way we interact with others.  For further information on these applications, you can visit itunes.apple.com.

Apple releases two new apps that may serve more practical to consumers. Photo credit: Joseph Petro
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