Fueled by News: New app turns smartphones into spy tool


Joe Petro, Opinion Co-Editor

SpyBubble is a new application for smartphones that turns your cellular device into a monitoring and tracking device for third parties. The distributors of this product promote it as a safe and easy way to monitor children, employees, and cheating spouses.

The application is free to users and is completely undetectable to those who use the device. SpyBubble runs in the background of your device and presents no icons for users to become aware of it being installed on their cellular device. The application interacts with a $49 account that is purchased on the manufacturer’s website, www.spybubble.com.

After registration, third parties can acquire text messages, patch into phone calls, browse photographs and emails, or even activate the speaker of the cellular phone as a bugging device. The bugging device may even be activated remotely while the cellular phone is not in use.

“Good Morning America” investigated the potential illegality of subscribing to this service and astonishingly enough, it’s legal as long as it is used “responsibly” by users. This software is very intrusive and strips potential victims of any privacy they once thought they had. However, this may be a thing of the past due to the SpyBubble software.

Amy Lee, a blogger for The Huffington Post, said, “Back in the day, it would take tens of thousands of dollars to accomplish the same feat, making this sort of hacking basically impossible for the average hacker. This kind of hacking is also illegal, as intercepting phone calls over licensed frequencies is against federal law.” However, the only time this hacked software is not illegal is if the third party is notified and agrees to the use of the software.

The developers of SpyBubble specify that the only way to delete the application from your cellular device is to restore the device and accept the consequences of losing all of your saved data.

SpyBubble victimizes cell phone users by stripping them of safe person-to-person cellular communication. This software is currently illegal if it is used immorally, but SpyBubble should be completely illegal for any purpose.