Senior send-off


A photo of Robin Trojanowicz.

Robin Trojanowicz, Copy Editor

As a graduating senior, I find it hard to believe this time has actually come.

This time to write my farewell story; this time to prepare for graduation festivities; this time to wrap up another chapter of my life.

It’s a bit overwhelming trying to cope with the feelings of joy for being done, fear for not knowing how I will fare in the real world and sadness for parting ways with my friends all at once.

When people hear that I am finishing school, the general response is, “what’s next?” I wish I could give them a definite answer, as I don’t even know for sure what is next. I also find myself already having some “would have, could have and should have” thoughts when reflecting on my time spent here at Marywood.

If I could go back and do it all over again, I would become more involved in as many activities and clubs as possible; so to any underclassmen, that would be my number one piece of advice. Get involved, be involved and stay involved. And to anyone who doesn’t think four years in college will fly by, think again.

From 2008 up until now seems like one big blur to me. Even though there had been some stressful times in there that I didn’t think I would overcome, I made it through and now look back and laugh at how I thought those situations were the end of the world. So I look ahead and hope to continue making it through whatever life throws my way.