Nets for Nets make a splash for malaria victims


Photo credit/ Katlynn Whitaker

CRS member Colleen Sideck places money into fellow member Heather Kees’s collection that will be used to purchase malaria nets for families across the globe.

John Ferraro, Sports Editor

Marywood University partnered with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) for their annual Nets for Nets fundraiser to raise awareness for victims of malaria.

The event took place this past Wednesday during a double header for the men’s and women’s basketball teams. Collections were taken at the door before both games at the Lynett-Haggerty Fitness Center.

Money raised will help CRS purchase malaria nets to prevent children from dying of this very fatal disease.

Sister John Michele Southwick, I.H.M, assistant director of Campus Ministry, said that this year the funds collected totaled $124 even. But that is not all Marywood is doing to help out.

“Mary Jo Gunning [director of athletics and recreation] is donating half of the admissions at the door. Also, we are hoping that if the Physician’s Assistants have an educational table at the Learning Commons; they can have a small jar of donations as well,” said Sr. John.

Sr. John stressed the importance of not only raising awareness for these global issues, but acting on opportunities to help the people in need.

“Studies now show that a child in Africa dies every 60 seconds from Malaria. Because Malaria can be cured, there is no reason why we are allowing this to happen,” said Sr. John.

A student who has taken Sr. John’s words to heart is Brooke Seamans, a sophomore pre-physician assistant major.

“Just because these issues are not at Marywood, our community, or even our country doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything about them,” said Seamans.

Sr. John says that it is the little things a person can do to help the cause that matters. “If it costs three dollars to buy a Malaria net, am I willing to maybe give up two sodas so a child can live? Yes, I am willing to do that.”

Seamans calls for more students to donate their time to causes like “Nets for Nets” and other events held by Campus Ministries. “ I would encourage every student to take the opportunity college gives them, it is the perfect time to give back to the community.”

Although this particular fundraiser is over, Sr. John says that Campus Ministry looks to be extremely active in the upcoming months. “We do our annual rice bowls for Lent. But, we also are doing something a bit different with Catholic Relief Services called, “I am Climate Change.” We are getting behind the “I am Climate Change” website where people can sign a petition to send to their state representatives and senators to be part of the solution.”

However, even though Sr. John is one of the prominent organizers for events like these, she says that it is the students who are the driving force behind them. “If the students are not behind it, I might as well give up.”

To help with Campus Ministry events on and off the Marywood campus, you can visit their homepage here. To sign the “I am Climate Change” petition, click here.

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