Spring Fling repeats dance party theme


Photo from Marywood SAC Facebook

Anne Zukowski, Web Editor

Going in a similar direction as last year’s outdoor dance concert, this year’s Spring Fling will be a Galaxy GLOWout dance party.

Student Activities Crew (SAC) announced the event on March 22 with a video via Facebook Live featuring a sneak peak of SAC members holding a banner and glowsticks.

Kim Coleman, director of Student Activities & Leadership Development, said based on the positive and popular demand of last year’s Spring Fling, SAC decided to bring back the idea of a dance party.

“Last year we focused on the DJs. This year it will be the space aspect,” said Coleman. “For anyone who couldn’t come, SAC said ‘let’s bring this back.’”

According to Coleman, there will be two different DJs to play music, a confetti canon, T-shirt blaster, a photo booth and more. The dance party will start at 8:30 p.m. under a tent in the Upper Pit parking lot outside Loughran Hall, the same location as last year.

Coleman said the Dunmore police lifted the loud-noise rule from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. for “an ultimate dance party.”

“I like dancing and my friends are going to be there, so I’m going,” said Niki DiGaetano, a senior graphic design major.

Some students don’t seem to be fans of this year’s Spring Fling having a similar theme compared to last year.

“I felt like last year was just an ‘okay’ time,” said Haley Salvo, a junior art therapy major. “I feel like it’s the same thing as last year…it’s a rave minus the alcohol with really loud DJ music.”

The event will be free and there is no registration required for Marywood students who are each allowed to bring one guest.

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