Student Spotlight: Coty Soltus


Molly Boylan, Community Editor

Name: Coty Soltus
Year: 2012
Major: Secondary Communication Arts/Theater
Hometown: Browndale, PA

Q: When did you decide you wanted to be a theater major?

A: I got involved in theater very late in life—my senior year of high school—so in my freshmen year of college I never thought I would switch majors. I was originally a secondary English education major, but I felt I was missing something very important.

Q: Does the theater major have to do a senior project? If so, what is it?

A: Yes, everyone in the theater program has to do a Senior Capstone Project. Theater majors and theater education majors direct a 30-45 minute play.

Q: What are the requirements for the capstone?

A: Each student must be director/producer for their own senior capstone (which also means each students pays for everything out of their own pocket). Basically, you get one night for auditions, and then three weeks to put the whole show together, two weeks of working with actors, and adding in the technical arts. It’s really an amazing accomplishment.

Q: What did you do for your senior capstone?

A: I am directing a play called “Miss Witherspoon” by Christopher Durang. It’s a very absurd play about a woman who is forced to reincarnate over and over again despite the fact that she hates being alive. It deals with a lot of very big and very real themes, such as religion, fear and bravery.

Q: What classes in your major have prepared you to successfully prepare for the capstone?

A: Every single one. As an educator and an aspiring director, I absorbed everything I could. My classes in scenic design and lighting design really helped. My classes in directing also gave a good foundation for what it would be like. However, I think what really prepared me the most was my work outside of the classroom.