Student Spotlight: RJ Naperkowski


Name: RJ Naperkowski
Graduation year: 2014
Hometown: Mountaintop, PA
Major: Political Science

Q: What is ROTC? What does it stand for?
A: Army Reserve Officer Training Core. Marywood works with King’s, Wilkes, East Stroudsburg, and the University of Scranton. It’s an off-shoot of the idea of military colleges like West Point.

Q: What motivated you to be a part of ROTC?
A: I always wanted to serve my country and this was the way that made the most sense to me.

Q: What are some main things that you have learned or experienced from ROTC?
A: I have learned how to be part of a team. I’ve also learned the skills of a soldier, the leadership techniques of an Army Officer, and how to develop myself physically as well as mentally.

Q: How will being a part of ROTC benefit you in the future when you graduate?
A: I will be a United States Army Second Lieutenant upon graduation and I will then begin my career as a leader in the strongest military in the world.

Q: Please explain a normal year being part of ROTC.
A: ROTC has three parts during the school year. First is PT- Physical Training. Four mornings a week we take turns in leadership positions to help maintain our fitness and test our organizational skills. Second is Military Science Class, a three-credit class once a week where we review military skills ranging from squad and platoon tactics to what the Army Values are. And third is Military Lab. Once a week, we have a two-hour hands on training opportunity where cadets put into practice the skills we learn in class. This could mean learning how to high crawl, how to prepare for a squad attack, etc.