Student Spotlight: Lainey Anderson


Autumn Granza, Community Editor

Art Therapy, Psychology minor

Class of 2014

Lainey has a passion for being an active church member and volunteering. She is a youth leader at her home church in Pittsburgh, and an active member in the City Lights Church in Scranton where she is on the worship team. Lainey also volunteers at Big Friends Little Friends and and has participated in a service trip to Guatemala.

Q: So, I hear that you are an active church member. How did you become so active in City Lights church?

A:My friend found City Lights Church through Google. We felt welcomed there right away, like it was a place that wouldn’t allow us to just come in and out once a week. I believe that we need to be in an active community of believers, rather than just checking church off of our list of things to do.

Q: I’ve heard that City Lights church has a worship team. What made you want to join the worship team?

A:I wanted to become more involved and there was a need for more members on the worship team, so I thought, why not use the voice God gave me to glorify Him, and lead others into worship? We meet for practices which are very focused on giving God the glory rather than on our own talents or how the music sounds. The team operates under the knowledge that worship is much more than songs; it is a lifestyle of honoring God.

Q:I understand that you are a youth leader at your church in Pittsburgh. What does that job entail?

A:At my home church in Pittsburgh, there are many summer events and things for the youth group to do in addition to weekly services. The leaders help plan events and go on service trips with the teens, but most importantly, we are available to the students to talk, pray, or just be a friend.

Q: I hear that you’re also a volunteer at Big Friends Little Friends. What’s that like?

A:The children constantly surprise me. They come after school with all kinds of energy but many of them truly enjoy school and are glad that we are there to help with their homework. Each one of them is so different and I love getting to know them. It’s a great way to break up a week of classes and stop focusing on myself and what I have to get done.

Q: I understand that you participated in a service trip to Guatemala. How was that experience?

A: One very specific thing I learned is how blessed I am to have the opportunity to be at a university. Often, in the U.S., higher education is treated like it is just the thing to do or something negative that is required of us. Very few Guatemalans will have this opportunity, and those who will must sacrifice a lot for it. I refuse to come out of college having done just enough to pass. I want to take full advantage of the opportunity that I have been given and use my education to help others.

Q:What would be your advice to those who want help in service trips?

A:Put others first, and be flexible! We go on service trips not only to serve others but also to learn. Between culture change and travel you never know what you are going to run into. Sometimes it might not feel like you are helping or that you have much to offer, but if you are present and open you will share an important experience with the people you meet and even your team members.