Sister John Asks: “Did you make a Lenten Resolution?”


Photo credit/ Katlynn Whitaker

Sr. John Michele Southwick, I.H.M., Special Contributor to The Wood Word

What was your New Year’s resolution? How are you doing with it?

Maybe it is time to sit down and evaluate. Here, we find ourselves in the middle of Lent. Did you also make a Lenten resolution? Was it the same as your New Year’s one, or are you trying something new when you forgot what the New Year’s one was?  We make so many plans or promises and don’t follow through.

Who are our plans, promises, and resolutions for anyway – ourselves or others? Do I give up candy or my favorite food for Lent because I really want to fast to get closer to God, or do I just want to lose weight? Can I do something extra for someone else this Lent, such as visiting the elderly in a nursing home, or tutoring some children who are having a hard time in school with the Big Friends/Little Friends after-school program? Can I give up a can of soda and put the change in the Rice Bowls around campus every day during Lent? Can I give where it really hurts, or do I give from my excess?

Do I give up things for Lent for myself, or for others?