Student Spotlight: Lisa Patmos


Satara, Dickey

Name: Lisa Patmos

Major: Education/ Early Childhood Education

Major: Sophomore

Hometown: Hawthorn, New Jersey


How long have you been involved in SAC?

This is actually my first year as an official member of Student Activities. Last spring, I received an email from SAC asking people to apply for the open positions. So I just took a shot, I landed an interview, and then we started this past August.


What is your specific title with SAC?

I’m a shadow. It’s considered the Student Activities executive board which is made up of shadows and interns, who plan all of the events.


What is Marywood Madness?

When I describe it to people, I always say it’s a big spirit fest similar to your high school pep rallies, but

on steroids because it’s bigger and better. We really tried to do a lot of new things this year to make it even better.


When did Marywood Madness take place?

Marywood Madness took place on Thursday, Oct. 17, and it was held in the gym.


What goes into planning an event like this?

We started planning Marywood Madness in August. We came back to school a week early and Marywood Madness was one of the first things we talked about. We are paired into different groups and every group gets assigned a different task that they are in charge of handling for the event and homecoming.



What were some of the activities that took place at Marywood Madness?

We had a Pacer race, which were these big inflatable horses you had to bounce on across the floor. We also had a knock-out competition between faculty members. There was also a scooter race across the floor. We really tried to get the faculty, students, and staff involved this year because in the past it’s only been the sports teams.


What was the turn out?

This year we had about 500 people attend Marywood Madness, it’s one of our biggest events.  


What do you like about being a member of SAC?

I like seeing everything that goes into all the events and having a say in the events that take place on campus. I love seeing them develop from an idea into an actual fun, great event that a lot of people go to.