Student Spotlight: Melanie Kobela

Student Spotlight: Melanie Kobela

Satara Dickey, Assistant Community Editor

Name: Melanie Kobela, student coordinator for Immersion Day

Major: Spanish Education

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Mountaintop, PA

Q: What is Immersion Day?

A: Immersion day took place on Oct. 24, and it’s a day that we have high school students come to campus. We have activities set up for them to do in their target language, which is either French or Spanish. We also have international business activities for students who want to focus on international business.

Q: What language do you speak? 

A: I speak Spanish, but I’m looking to be duel certified in French as well. I managed all the activities for French on Immersion day.

Q: What kind of activities did you do? 

A: For French, we played ships and sailors in French. We made crepes, and we also did a scavenger hunt where the words were in French along with the questions and what they needed to find. That way they got to see campus because we want to tell them about the foreign languages department and what we have to offer for them here.

Q: What was your major role with Immersion Day?

A: We all worked together to coordinate the event, but for French I was in charge of making sure we had enough activities for the students and making sure that they were planned and carried out. I came to Immersion Day last year as a high school student, so I knew how to run things and how to set them up. I saw what I liked and didn’t like, and I used that this year when we were working to pull this together.

Q: What was the turnout for the event?

A: We had a total of 55 students. At the end, we did a survey, and a lot of the students said that there was a big improvement from last year and they really enjoyed it.