Student Spotlight: Austin Fernandez


Satara Dickey, Assistant Community Editor

Austin Fernandez

Sophomore 2016

Nutrition and Dietetics

East Hanover, NJ


What is “A Place at the Table” about?

“A Place at the Table” is a documentary bringing the audience up close and personal with hunger in the United States and its economic, social and cultural implications. It challenges its audience to try to be advocates for change for the reformation of hunger policies.


How and why did you get involved showing “A Place at the Table” at Marywood?

The Northeast Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and The Student Academy at Marywood are working together to show the film and raise awareness about hunger and the policies that try to aid hunger. It is a great opportunity to educate the Scranton community about America’s hunger issues and about ways they can help close to home. We also want to inform people that the current programs in place in the United States are not enough and that people have to rely on non-government programs to survive. One of the big questions we want to bring to people’s attention is: Is food a privilege or a human right?


Why do you think it’s important for students to see this film?

When students live at school, everyone pre-pays for food and swipes into an all you can eat dining hall without thinking. It is hard to remember the real value of food. In Scranton, one in two children struggle with hunger, according to Generosity That’s more than the national average.


What are some things students can do to help with the issue of hunger locally?

Volunteering at local food pantries and working with Campus Ministry during food drives are great ways to help with hunger in the Scranton community and will help students realize the impact of hunger in the area.