Pins with Vikki: Winter Snowflakes


Final result should look like this

Vikki Hartt, Co-Opinion Editor

Winter isn’t far off, but if you can’t wait for the first big snowfall, you can get a jump start to the season by making these unique snowflakes by Pinterest user, Monika Gladbach. If you aren’t the best with doing crafts, this one is great because it’s very simple and can make for some inexpensive wintery decorations for your dorm room.

What you will need:
1.White or blue paper
2. Scissors
3. Pencil

Step 1:
Take your paper and fold the top right edge of the paper to the left edge, making a triangle. Then cut off the remaining strip of the paper at the bottom.

Step 2:
With your paper folded into a triangle, take the right edge of the triangle and fold it into the center, then take the left edge and fold it into the center. This should make your paper into a diamond shape.

Step 3:
Fold the right side of the diamond over the left side to make your paper into a small triangle.

Step 4:
Take your pencil and trace shape on the edges of the triangle, then cut out the shapes. *Note don’t cut off the longest side.

Step 5:
Unfold and attach wire or string to hang up on the wall.

There you have it, an indoor snowflake. This craft is very versatile. Using these steps, you can use any size paper to vary the sizes of your snowflakes. You can hang these snowflakes from  hanger to make a snowflake mobile, string lights through them to decorate for a party, or even include a little message on them and put them in Christmas cards. This is a great craft to decorate your room and add a little winter cheer to your day!

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