Romines serves as lead evaluator for band festival in Colorado


Marywood University assistant professor of music education, David Romines, D.M.A. adjudicates over 80 bands for the Colorado Bandmasters Association State Concert Band Festival.

Joseph Petro, Photography Editor

Marywood University assistant professor of music education and Dickson City resident David Romines, D.M.A., served as the lead evaluator for the Colorado Bandmasters Association State Concert Band Festival this summer.

The festival showcases Colorado concert bands by allowing them to perform in a concert hall while they are critiqued by educators with various musical skill sets from around the nation.

Joe Brice and his wife Carol co-founded the Colorado Bandmasters Association State Concert Band Festival in the late 90s. Brice is also a member of the Colorado Bandmasters Hall of Fame, the Colorado Music Educators Hall of Fame and a recipient of the Sudler Award from the John Philip Sousa Foundation.

He and his wife are responsible for the entire process of choosing the schools and instructors that are involved in the festival as well as overseeing the qualifying round in March of each year to decide who contends in the the State Finals each April.

“We have hired Dr. David Romines as an adjudicator twice in the past for this event. [He] is an excellent judge,” said Brice. “He is consistent, fair, impartial and couches his remarks always in a positive manner.”

Although it was not his first year invited to the Colorado Bandmasters Association State Concert Band Festival, Romines said that this year the event was slightly different.

“It was amazing to me how wonderful the quality was since the last time I was there,” he said. “I think it is amazing how the bands can go home after the critique with the suggestions and improve upon their technique.”

Romines was considered for the position by the executive board of the Colorado Bandmasters Association due to his work at Metropolitan State University in Denver.

During his grueling week in Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Greeley and Aurora, he worked with the other members of the panel to ensure consistency throughout the five-day event.

“This is a very important event for the students and directors. I provide comments with the hope they will be helpful as the bands prepare for future events,” Romines said. “The goal is to give a candid assessment to promote further musical growth. It is important to note areas of deficiency while providing way to move things forward.”

Romines has taught music education in public schools for 16 years and has worked as a collegiate band director since 1997. He has served as an adjudicator for bands in over 20 states in every region of the mainland United States and in Hawaii. This year was his first serving as the lead evaluator.

“It’s something I enjoy doing. Over the past 15 years I have been doing a lot on the national scale and the things I experience and learn really help me when I return to Marywood,” Romines said. “[I am] able to get an idea of what is going on around the country and it allows me to stay fresh and current.”