Community reacts to Goldstein process

Community reacts to Goldstein process

Photo credit/ Kelsey Van Horn

What do you think about Goldstein’s strategic resource allocation process?

“The Goldstein process is a very proactive process that helps us look at every dimension, every program academically, and every support program, with the idea of engaging in a very transparent way the entire community in helping to assess, where the resources are, with the idea of being able to leverage resources to help certain things grow, and if certain things have completed their function… then reallocate.” -Sr. Anne Munley, IHM, Ph.D, President of Marywood University

“Goldstein is an accountant, not an administrator, and I do worry it’s going to limit the scope of the assessment. I looked at the website and the process seems fairly transparent. I am not sure the end result will be transparent. I am hopeful that the process will resolve in creative and positive solutions that preserve who Marywood is and they can find ways to circumvent financial problems. I hope that the work my colleagues put in is fruitful.” -Amanda Avery, outreach and assessment librarian

“I think it’s a good idea. I think it’s a completely logical thing to do to get a consulting firm.” -Joe Merolla, student, freshman computer science major

“Being it’s 100 years, it’s a good thing. We need to regroup and rearrange things a little bit.” -Carol Bartoli, housekeeper

“I don’t know the basics. I’m new at Marywood and hope the process succeeds. I hope it’s successful.” -Kim Ocwieja, housekeeper

“I give Marywood credit for trying to find answers on how to improve Marywood. My honest opinion, it’s too far down the hole. It’s a little too late. Now campus is like a ghost town. I hope they can revive campus. I don’t think the guy (Goldstein) is going to fix anything. They should have been looking at finances all along. What are we spending more money for?” -Helen Gerard, housekeeper

“It’s a good idea to take an outside source with fresh eyes to come look at Marywood. Marywood has a lot of potential and it would be great to see a lot more people on campus.” – Lori Summa, administrative assistant for Chartwell’s

“I don’t know much about it.” -Jane Baranowski, student, sophomore nursing major

“It probably won’t be very effective … Given the current financial situation, I imagine that some sort of cut is going to be necessary to make it viable financially for the University. The way to implement any type of cut, or any type of resource reallocation … would be to utilize the talent that we have at Marywood, utilizing the resources that’s already available on campus and build consensus, build community agreement, from the ground up instead of relying on external consulting firms. I don’t think they’ll know the history and the strengths, and the issues that we face at Marywood as much as the members of the community do.”  -Chaogui Zhang, former professor and math department chair