Provost search approaching an end


Michael Smith, Staff Writer

The search for Marywood’s next Provost is “nearing the end phase,” according to Dr. David Palmiter, Faculty Senate president and member of the Provost Search Committee. The three remaining candidates will visit campus in the next two weeks.

Earlier this week, a memo regarding the search for Marywood’s next Provost was released by Dr. Ann Henry, a member of the Board of Trustees and chair of the Provost Search Committee. The memo set dates for the candidates to visit campus and meet with administration, faculty, staff, students and the Student Government Association (SGA).

According to the memo, the three candidates will visit campus on Oct. 3, Oct. 12-13 and Oct. 13-14, which all fall within a week of when the Vice President of Business Affairs candidates will be on campus.

The identity and resume of each candidate will be kept confidential until two days before he or she comes to campus, according to the memo.

Palmiter said the Committee began by narrowing the pool of applicants down to eight. These eight were then interviewed off-campus and narrowed down to the Committee’s choice of three to proceed to on-campus meetings.

Sister Mary Persico, president of Marywood, IHM, Ed. D., will make the final decision in consultation with the Board of Trustees on selecting the Provost, although Palmiter said the Search Committee will make recommendations.

“As a faculty member, I’ll be pleased with any of those folks coming as Provost,” Palmiter said.

Dr. Sarah Kenehan, professor of philosophy and member of the Search Committee, also voiced her thoughts on the process and on the candidates.

“I’d be happy to see any of them get the job,” Kenehan said.
She added that they have been “really blessed…all of the applicants from the very beginning were awesome.”

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