Office of Admissions to host Admitted Student Month


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Admitted Student Month will offer both online and in-person options.

Briana Ryan, Editor-in-Chief

In previous years, Marywood has held a one-day event for admitted high school seniors to get one last look at the campus before deciding whether to attend the university. This year, that one-day event will happen throughout the entire month of April.

Director of Undergraduate Admissions Rachel Hartz explained that the COVID-19 pandemic prompted Marywood Admissions to re-evaluate how to adapt the one-day event, known as Admitted Students Day, in a way that would ensure the safety of all those involved.

“We were really looking for something that would offer the students the same opportunities that we typically offer in our Admitted Student [Day],” said Hartz. “But within the confines of making sure that we’re socially distancing, masking and maintaining safety for not only the Marywood community but for our prospective students.”

Admitted Student Day usually includes sessions that cover topics ranging from financial aid to student life. Additionally, the day includes a campus tour and a visit to departments.

This year, Admitted Student Day will become Admitted Student Month. Assistant Director for Pre-Collegiate Programs and Special Events Deidre Jones explained that prospective students can choose a day in April to visit campus either in person or virtually. Regardless of the option that the student chooses, they can select sessions that meet their individual needs.

“We decided to kind of personalize [Accepted Students Day] so students can sign up for a day in April, and we’ll tailor it to fit their needs,” said Jones. “They can get a tour of campus, speak with admissions, or anything that they really want to do while they’re on campus.”

Jones explained that Admissions is trying to establish a personal connection with prospective students as much as possible. To accomplish this goal, prospective students who choose to visit virtually will be able to speak with representatives from the university through a phone call or Zoom rather than just reading information online.

“I think a year ago [when the COVID-19 pandemic began] we were just trying to do anything we can to get online and get information to people,” said Jones. “Now we’re realizing that everybody has fatigue, they just don’t necessarily want to be on the computer as often.”

Hartz noted that if a prospective student would like to visit campus virtually, there are two ways that they can tour the campus. The first way is through a virtual tour that is available on the Marywood website at all times. Students can also choose to schedule a personal virtual tour with a member of the admissions team.

“So, if they choose [the personal virtual tour], then an admissions team member can take over that website for that specific prospective student,” said Hartz. “The counselor can give a little bit more perspective to what exactly they’re looking at, instead of just looking at a building and maybe reading some small text on the regular virtual tour.”

Beyond abiding by state COVID-19 regulations, Hartz explained that Admissions is also using other approaches to ensure a safe visit.

“Visitors are asked to wear their masks, at all times while on campus, just like our current students are doing,” said Hartz. “For any personal appointments that we make for them, we make sure that they’re in a room that’s large enough to accommodate social distancing.”

Additionally, in-person visitors are required to wear admissions visitor stickers.

Although Hartz said the planning process of Admitted Student Month is going well, it still comes with challenges.

“Because we’re offering those appointment times it’s really just coordinating with admissions, financial aid, tours and then faculty appointments,” said Hartz. “But also working within the confines of faculty having classes and staff members having meetings and other appointments and things going on throughout the day.”

Hartz noted that some of the ways that Admissions have adapted to comply with COVID-19 restrictions could, potentially, remain a part of Admissions in a post-pandemic world.

“We’ve added some of the virtual components because of COVID, but we’ve really found that some of the pieces will remain as we move forward,” said Hartz. “It’s a great option for students and families who might not be able to make the trip to campus.”

Hartz said that she is looking forward to helping prospective students through this event regardless of whether the visit is in person or virtual.

“We’re excited to see them, and we’re really trying to make sure they understand exactly what Marywood has to offer them and how we can help them reach their goals,” said Hartz.

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