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As described by Apple, “The iPad is the best way to experience the web, e-mail, photos, and videos, hands down.”
“I think they’re pretty cool,” says James Stolfi, “I’d probably buy one if they weren’t so expensive.”

Released in April of this year, you could purchase the 16gb Apple iPad for a base price of $499. This revolutionary device will more than likely make 2010 a landmark year in computer technology. It can be compared to 1984 when the graphic user interface debuted in the first Macintosh or as in 1995 when Windows 95 made it easier for computers to be used when the Internet was in its beginning stages. So what is the Apple iPad?

“I think it’s an amazing new piece of technology and if given the chance I would definitely buy one,” says Morgan Strasser.

When you first lay eyes on the iPad you may notice how similar it looks to the iphone and/or ipod touch. This wasn’t an accident; in fact it was done for those who are already familiar with its smaller cousins. The iPad is a little bit heavier then what people were expecting but still much lighter then the average laptop. Being a screen based device Apple went all out on the overall look and appeal for the iPad. The multi-touch display is a 9.7-inch LED-backlit glossy widescreen, with 1024 by 768 pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch. This makes for a very clean and crisp picture essential for all the different viewing pleasures the iPad has to offer. Let’s not forget the battery life for this device is an amazing 11 hours, more than enough time to do pretty much anything.

With thousands of apps available for the ipad and more made available daily, it is hard to imagine running out of things to do with it. Whether its playing games, watching movies, listening to music, or just surfing the web the iPad has an unending potential.

Some of the more popular apps for the iPad are The Weather Channel, where you could track local, regional, and national weather forecasts. Zillow, a real estate app that puts over 93 million homes at your fingertips. There are even learning apps for children such as Alphabet Fun and The Elements.

A mistake people have often made is that the iPad is the new and improved laptop. It is only a glorified Ipod Touch, a laptop has more computing power and range of abilities that include better hardware. Yes it is impressive for a handheld portable device but that’s exactly what it is, Apple doesn’t want you replacing your laptops with it they want you supplementing and adding onto your computer experiences.

Although I am fascinated by the iPad myself, there are quite a few drawbacks to it. If you happen to be old fashioned and require a standard Qwerty keyboard opposed to the touch screen keyboard, you will of course be required to purchase it separately. Remember that base price I mentioned? When you add in the all the bells, whistles, and 3g capabilities it raises to roughly a thousand dollars.

Apple also forgot some features completely like multitasking or even a standard camera. Every portable device lately has both a camera and a video recorder. A sad note is that apple usually doesn’t get their software or hardware correct until the second or third generation. Many iphone users were forced to buy the second iphone and so on because they wanted more standard features and upgrades making the previous phones obsolete.

Even Apple is known for technological issues and problems. Speaking from personal experience, Apple’s warranty centers try their hardest to keep money and it could be said they have an answer for everything problem that arises. Like all things Apple it’s always tasty until you get to the pits.

The ipad is Apple’s latest addition to its growing array of computer products. Photo credit
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